What to do if your dog is afraid of loud noises

While many dogs will bark or react to loud noises, some dogs show signs of actually being afraid of them. If your dog doesn't bark at the noises, but instead hides, whimpers, or shows signs of anxiety, it helps to know how to calm the dog down. Here is what you can do when you have a dog afraid of loud noises. Create a Safe, Comfortable Spot The first thing you need to do for your dogs is give them a cozy and comfortable spot to go in your home when loud noises occur.

5 Warning Signs that Your Dog is About to Bite

Dogs can bite for a number of reasons, but most pet dogs will do so because they have become fearful or anxious. No matter the cause, the same warning signs will occur. If any of the red flags below present themselves, make sure you give your dog some space, or remove them from the area if they are either in an unusual location or with unknown people. 1. Snapping and Growling