3 Things to Look for in a Dog Grooming Service

While some owners are happy to bathe and groom their dogs, others prefer to use pet groomers. If you don't have a lot of free time, or if you find your dog hard to handle when you are trying to bath or groom it, then it is easier to hand this job over to a trained professional. Before you choose a pet grooming facility, it's important to make sure you use the right one for your pet.

Two steps to take if your dog is diagnosed with gum disease

If your dog has been diagnosed with gum disease by your vet, here are two steps you should take. 1. Get the plaque removed from their teeth by a vet that specialises in veterinary dentistry. Lots of dog owners who discover that their pets have this condition make the mistake of simply increasing the length and frequency with which they brush their dog's teeth in the hopes that this will lead to the disease going into remission.

Two Tips for Taking Your Nervous Dog to the Vet

If you have arranged to take your dog to one of your local vets for a check-up or a procedure, and you are concerned that your pet's nervous temperament may make this a challenging experience, here are some tips that may be of use to you. Behave in a calm manner. Dogs are highly sensitive creatures and can often pick up on and then mimic their owners' moods. This means that if you start behaving in an anxious manner on the day of the appointment (for example, if you start speaking in a high-pitched, nervous voice or become very physically tense), your dog may start also start to feel anxious.

What to Do When Your Dog is Attacked by Another Dog

It's not as though you're going to like everyone you meet. And yet, it's not as though this dislike is going to turn into a physical fight. This is not the case when dogs don't get along. Though they're domesticated animals, dogs can still fight rather viciously with each other, and this can be traumatic when your dog is the victim—both for your dog, and for you as their loving owner.

Three Critical Guidelines on Handling Your Injured Dog

Canine pets can sustain minor or major injuries when exploring the neighbourhood. Moreover, they might get into fights or rough play with other dogs and receive significant bites or scratches. If you have an adventurous dog as your companion, you should be prepared to deal with some injuries. Proper response during an emergency will prevent the escalation of the problem. Here are some critical guidelines on handling your injured dog.