Reasons to Choose Pet Desexing

Acquiring a new pet can be an exciting time for everyone in your household. At some stage, you may need to decide whether pet desexing is a choice you want to make. Here are some of the commonest reasons to choose animal desexing.

Prevent Roaming

When mating seasons come around, a pet that hasn't been desexed is more likely to roam. They'll do this as they have a natural instinct to begin mating with other animals of their species. Roaming can often mean that they disappear for days or weeks on end, which you may find worrying. If you want to prevent your pet from roaming during mating season, desexing is a wise choice.

Prevent Pregnancy

If you have a female pet, desexing is the best way to prevent them from falling pregnant. As with humans, pregnancy carries risks for cats and dogs. It also means that you'll be left with the issue of rehoming any infants they produce. Not only can this be expensive, but it can feel logistically challenging trying to find a suitable home. Pregnancy prevention in the form of desexing can make life easier for both you and your pet. 

Reduce Disease Risk

There's a chance that desexing your animals can reduce their risk of certain diseases too. For example, in male dogs, it can reduce the risk of testicular cancer and prostate cancer. It may also prevent them from encountering hernias. Reducing their disease risk can mean your pet lives a comfier life, and it may also reduce your pet bills in the future. If you're uncertain about whether desexing will benefit your pet in this respect, ask your vet for further information. 

Modify Behaviour

Both males and females exhibit certain types of behaviour when they're ready to mate. One of the more problematic ones involves males spraying their urine in an attempt to mark their territory. While it may be effective for them, it can soon result in your house and garden smelling bad. Another example is female cats that may spend time yowling at night when they are in their season. By desexing, you cut out the behaviours that are becoming a problem for you.

Overall, pet desexing can help your pets live longer. It's also a useful way to ensure you don't take on extra responsibility in the form of an unwanted pregnancy. Desexing is also great for making sure that your pet's behaviour is compatible with how you live your life.