Top Benefits of a Puppy School

Do you intend to send your dog to puppy school? Notably, puppy schools are growing in popularity in Australia, and their sole objective is to provide pups and their owners with a joyful learning experience. That said, it is crucial to understand what puppy school entails before enrolling your furry friend. The information helps decide whether a puppy school is suitable for your pet or not. Here are significant benefits of enlisting a dog into a puppy school.

Control Biting Impulse — Puppies bite because they are born with innate animalistic behaviour. Therefore, a puppy will experiment with their bites anywhere and everywhere, including the body, other pets and chewable items. Besides, puppies tend to bite when stressed. Therefore, if you do not control such behaviour from the onset, you will have trouble stopping it as a puppy gets older. Notably, a puppy school trains dogs to control their bite impulse when in different situations. For example, a puppy learns to control their jaws and use a soft mouth rather than bite hard. It is beneficial when you have young children in the house who could be injured by puppy bites.

Foundation for Future Training — Everybody loves a well-trained dog. They are obedient, safer to have around the house and easier to handle in public. However, while you can start training puppies at a very young age, experts recommend that guardians start by enrolling their pups in school. The facilities begin by training puppies on the most basic skills, such as toilet training and 'stay' cues. The basic skills create a solid foundation for future training, which is usually time-consuming and requires more effort. Most importantly, dogs that attended pre-school as puppies grasp training cues faster because they are not easily distracted by external factors. In addition, it means that a qualified trainer spends less time with your dog, cutting down the cost of the training.

Socialise with Other Breeds — While you can train a puppy at home, the environment delays their socialisation skills, particularly with other dogs. The effects of such delay become evident when you walk to a dog park and your puppy becomes scared or aggressive towards every other dog. Such behavioural issues stem from the failure to introduce a puppy to other dogs early in their life. A puppy school offers the opportunity and allows your pet to familiarise with dogs of all shapes, sizes and unique body features. The exposure helps a puppy grow into a confident and friendly dog, preventing future fear and aggressive responses.