What to Do When Your Dog is Attacked by Another Dog

It's not as though you're going to like everyone you meet. And yet, it's not as though this dislike is going to turn into a physical fight. This is not the case when dogs don't get along. Though they're domesticated animals, dogs can still fight rather viciously with each other, and this can be traumatic when your dog is the victim—both for your dog, and for you as their loving owner. Would you know what to do if your dog is attacked when you're out and about?

Be Mindful of Your Own Safety

Your first instinct might be to intervene in the attack, but exercise extreme caution. You could easily be bitten by the other dog. Instead, shout loudly in order to create a distraction. If they're present, instruct the other dog's owner to control their animal.

Note the Address

If the dogs in question came out of a specific property to attack your dog, make a note of the address in case you choose to lodge a complaint with your local council. It might be that the dogs were not properly confined and pose an ongoing hazard.

Handling Your Dog

Be careful of handling your dog immediately after the attack. They might lash out in pain or fright and inadvertently injure you. If you're wearing a coat, sweatshirt or something similar, you might wish to take this off and place it over your dog. This can make it easier to pick them up without hurting them, restraining them in a comfortable and safe manner. Speak to your dog in a soothing voice.

A Ride Home

It can be wise to call a friend or family member to come and collect you and your dog. This is safer and more comfortable for your dog than having to walk (or be carried) home.  

Seek Treatment

If your dog is seriously injured and bleeding profusely, they should be taken to a vet for immediate examination and treatment. If the attack occurs outside of your vet's regular working hours, contact an emergency 24/7 vet. Remember that not all puncture wounds might be visible through your dog's coat. Even less serious bites might require antibiotics. If you are unsure about whether emergency treatment is necessary, simply call your vet and give them the details.

The important thing is to remain calm if your dog is attacked. Though horrifying, the effects can be minimised by staying level headed and taking the appropriate action.