The First Thing You Should Do With Your New Puppy

Dogs are wonderful creatures and there is no cuter or more entertaining animal in the world than a puppy shortly after birth. Watching them grow into a more responsible and loyal friend is a joy that millions of people are lucky enough to experience, but not everyone does it correctly. Before you get too comfortable, it is important that you enrol your new pet into a puppy behaviour training class. Here are a few reasons why this early learning is so important for dogs, and how it will help ensure that they grow into a pet that is well-tempered and obedient.

Instil Good Habits Early On

Just like a house needs good foundations to remain stable for years to come, a dog needs these formative lessons to help guide them to becoming a valuable pet. Understanding instructions and different tones of voice, as well as knowing how to behave in the house and around other animals and humans, is crucial to ensuring your pet understands their place in your household. This does not mean you turn your pet into a robot, but rather that they know when to be silly and fun and when to be more serious and to follow directions more closely.

Better For Your Dog As Well

In many ways, not taking a puppy behaviour training class is as bad for the dog as it is for you. Without these instructions early on in life, they will be constantly confused by what they see as arbitrary rules that they don't understand. This can make them more frustrated as they grow up and can lead to a dog with a demeanour that is hard to predict. A dog needs structure to its life because it is a domesticated animal that relies on you for guidance, which you should give to it before it turns a certain age.

Puppies Are More Destructive Without Training

You want to preemptively stop all the more destructive tendencies that puppies can have or you may wake up one morning to find your trash can torn up and rubbish scattered everywhere or a bunch of your pillows with their stuffing all over the lounge room. Training puppies early on makes these events far less likely, and while you could potentially wait until a dog is older to train it, doing this earlier means that you simply have to put up with less of this annoying mess than you otherwise would. 

Reach out to your vet to ask about local puppy behaviour training courses.