3 Reasons Why Regular Grooming Is Crucial for Pets Prone to Matting

The maintenance of your pet's coat is of utmost importance to their health and comfort. Unfortunately, some pet owners believe that all pets are the same, and coat grooming cuts across the board. However, nothing could be further from the truth because coat care and maintenance depend on your pet's breed. For instance, dog breeds with coarse, wiry coats are easier to brush and are not susceptible to knots and mats. Conversely, woolly coats tend to knot easily, and pets with such fur require regular grooming to prevent matting. This article highlights the importance of regular grooming for pets whose coats are susceptible to matting.

Prevent Itching

Itching is normal for pets, and they do a good job dealing with it. For instance, cats and dogs use their paws or rough surfaces to scratch itching spots. However, if you notice that your pet is scratching themselves more regularly than usual, they could have a matting problem. The reason is that mats create a warm environment on the skin, encouraging the growth of fungi, bacteria and pest. Therefore, it is essential to continually brush your pet's hair or fur, especially if you know they are prone to these knots. It goes a long way in ensuring that your pet is always comfortable.

Make Stroking/Grooming Comfortable

When knots begin to form on your pet's coat, the fur tends to tighten over time, consequently pulling the skin. It usually starts closer to the skin for pets with coarser hair, and by the time you notice it, the coat might have pulled the skin too tight. At this point, you will begin to notice that your pet is not as fastidious with their grooming as before. It is because their claws stick to the mats and pull the skin, which causes excruciating pain. Besides, if your pet loves to be stroked, they will suddenly start squirming in pain every time you run your fingers in their fur. You can ensure that your furry friend is comfortable with grooming or stroking by preventing the formation of knots and mats through regular brushing.

Encourages Temperature Regulation

Pets regulate their body temperatures using their paws, tongue and skin. Therefore, large mats on your pet's coat prevent the skin from controlling the body temperature, making it hot and uncomfortable for your pet. Dogs and cats sprawl in water to cool off, but this is counterproductive because the mats only grow bigger. As such, regular grooming is necessary to allow the skin to perform its temperature-regulation role. Notably, a well-brushed coat promotes aeration and cooling.

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