3 Things to Look for in a Dog Grooming Service

While some owners are happy to bathe and groom their dogs, others prefer to use pet groomers. If you don't have a lot of free time, or if you find your dog hard to handle when you are trying to bath or groom it, then it is easier to hand this job over to a trained professional.

Before you choose a pet grooming facility, it's important to make sure you use the right one for your pet. What kinds of things should you look for?

1. Hydrobaths

Professional grooming services often use hydrobaths rather than regular baths. These baths deliver high-pressure water through specialist shower heads, often with shampoo mixed in.

Their jets clean more effectively than a regular shower wash. As well as removing surface dirt, they also go deeper. So they can remove dead hair and skin and even old scabs. Your dog simply gets a more intensive clean.

If your dog isn't keen on bathing, then it might prefer a hydrobath. Pets usually walk into these baths rather than having to be lifted in, and they work more like a shower, so your dog won't have to sit in water.

2. Additional Services

As well as basic bathing and grooming, it's a good idea to use a groomer that can do other things for you. For example, pet groomers often offer additional services that you might not want to do for yourself.

These can include basic clipping and trimming of your dog's coat when it gets a bit out of hand. Most groomers also offer nail clipping services — they'll automatically check if your dog's nails need a trim during a grooming appointment.

If your dog gets regular ear problems, then it helps to manage hair growth in their ears. A trained groomer can pluck these out for you, which helps keep the ears clear and clean.

3. Breed Experience

Different breeds of dogs have different grooming needs. For example, dogs with long coats may need specialist clipping or trimming around their eyes, paws and rear end. Dogs with thick coats might a thinning treatment during hot summer months. So it pays to find a groomer who has worked with your breed or who understands its needs.

If your vet has a pet grooming service, then this is a good place to start. The groomers are likely to work closely with the vets and nurses in the clinic to provide a wide range of grooming services.