4 Reasons to Choose an Older Cat for Your New Companion

According to RSPCA Australia, more than 20,000 cats were rehomed during the 2012-2013 financial year. Sadly, this is less than half of the total number of cats that were taken into care nationally, with 39.5 percent of them being euthanised. The resources to look after rescued cats simply don't exist, making it essential that loving new homes are found for them in order to bring down the euthanasia numbers. When people visit a shelter to adopt a cat, they're naturally attracted to the younger ones, and kittens typically have little problem in finding a home quickly. This means that older animals are more at risk of being euthanised, but a mature cat has a lot to offer.

They're calmer

Kittens have incredible amounts of energy, and this translates into them needing lots of playtime and attention. Even adult cats can be pretty crazy into the first few years of their lives, which is stressful if you're not prepared to deal with it. An older cat usually just wants to be loved, looked after, and given a warm place to nap. This makes them ideal for quiet households, perhaps as companions to seniors or people without children.

They're well trained

Unlike kittens, mature cats already have plenty of experience living in a home with humans. They've got the litter box thing down, they know not to attack feet and hands, and they've probably learned not to scratch furniture and jump on kitchen surfaces. This leaves you free to enjoy their company without chasing them around and worrying what they'll get up to next.

They have full personalities

Cats differ from one another in often quite dramatic ways. When you adopt a kitten, you don't know what they'll be like as an adult, but an older cat has already developed a full personality. This means you'll have a good idea whether or not they'll get on with other pets in the house or if they'll put up with kids messing with them. You can make an informed decision before adopting.

They fit around your lifestyle

Kittens are seriously needy, and all the attention and discipline they need can be tiring for the humans looking after them. When you adopt a senior cat, you can go to work, have nights out, and go about your business as usual with little worry that you'll come home to a trashed house and a stressed cat. They'll just be happy to see you.